Youth Sports Day

Stahl Sheaffer Engineering is taking positive action to promote awareness of what teh Youth Service Bureau is doing for at-risk youth in this community, and to give these kids a great experience they might not otherwise have. The firm is donating tickets for the Penn State vs. Kent State football game on September 21 to Big Brothers / Big Sisters, the boys group home, and other YSB programs.

In addition to sending kids to the game, Stahl Sheaffer is hosting a tailgate to promote awareness of the Youth Service Bureau. Ticket

holders and tailgaters at the September 21 game can stop by to learn more about the organization and how they can volunteer or support efforts to help local children. The location of the tailgate will be posted on the firm’s website,, prior to the game.

Please help. 

Donate your unused tickets to this cause, or purchase a few extra! Help Stahl Sheaffer Engineering give these kids a

chance to cheer on the Nittany Lions and make some great memories.

Please contact:

 Cristina Barnes to donate unused tickets: 814-689-1562 or

 Lowell Berg to purchase tickets for donation at a reduced rate ($55) and reference “Stahl Sheaffer Youth

Day”): 814-863-1124, or

Another way you can help is to donate your time. Contact Andrea Boyles, CEO of the YSB, at 814-237-5731 or email to sign up for volunteer services. Find out more about the YSB and other ways to donate at

Monday, September 23, 2013 - 3:30pm