Local News 12-13-12

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 According to court documents, former Penn State administrator Gary Schultz is indicating that he is preparing a lawsuit against University Counsel Cynthia Baldwin.

 Schultz filed a writ of summons in Centre County Court yesterday indicating that he may intend to sue Baldwin over professional liability. Schultz’s attorney has said Baldwin violated attorney-client privilege when she testified against him to the grand jury.

 Schultz’s attorney has said that his client believed that the former university lawyer was representing him when she accompanied both Schultz and Tim Curley to testify in front of the grand jury in 2011, while Baldwin has said she was representing the university.

 Schultz, Curley and Graham Spanier are all facing charges in connection with the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal. All three men maintain their innocence.    


 Police continue to search for a man who reportedly attacked a female Penn State graduate student with a knife while she was riding her bike shortly before 3pm yesterday on a path near Vairo Boulevard.

Ferguson Police Chief Diane Conrad said the victim had her throat cut, but was able to get away by biting the assailants hand. Police said a jogger found the woman “some distance” from where she was attacked.

 According to Penn State Live, the suspect, who is considered armed and dangerous, is described as 5 feet 8 inches tall, wearing black clothing and a backpack, and possibly a grey sweatshirt. He was last seen in a wooded area near Sunset Park, an area with a high student population.

 The woman was taken to Mount Nittany Medical Center for treatment.  

 Police are asking all residents near the area to remain in their homes and lock their doors. 


 Two of the more vocal critics against the NCAA’s sanctions levied against Penn State want answers and want them from the association president immediately.

 According to a Yahoo Sports Report that cites filmmaker John Ziegler’s twitter page, Ziegler and hall of famer Franco Harris confronted NCAA president Mark Emmert yesterday over the sanctions levied against the university.

 According to Ziegler’s twitter page, he states that police were called after the confrontation and that Emmert “ran away out the back door.”   

 Harris has been very critical of Penn State’s board of trustees, the Freeh Report and the NCAA. Zielger has previously announced that he is making a documentary on what he claims is the unfair treatment of Joe Paterno in the Jerry Sandusky scandal. 

Voter Id

 The AP reports that Lawyers on both sides of Pennsylvania’s Voter Id law are set to meet today with Judge Robert Simpson to discuss how to handle arguments on the law’s constitutionality.

 The law took effect in March, but sparked legal fight that reached the State Supreme Court which resulted in Simpson suspending the requirement that voters show a photo id for this year’s election, but allowing the law to stand. 

 Democrats believe the law disenfranchises voters, while republican supporters say it is a protection against fraud. 

Health Insurance Exchange

 Citing that it would be “irresponsible to put Pennsylvanians on the hook for an unknown amount of money to operate a system under rules that have not fully been written,” Governor Corbett announced yesterday that the Keystone State will not run its own health exchange under the Affordable Care Act.

 Corbett also blames federal authorities for what he felt were insufficient answers to his questions about some of the main aspects of the exchange.

 Pennsylvania is one of 28 states that have opted to let the federal government run its exchange. States can change their mind and establish their own exchange in future years.   


 State Treasurer Rob Mccord has notified the Pennsylvania Lottery that he will withhold payments to a private manager that the Corbett administration is considering to run the state lottery unless he is satisfied that the plans to expand lottery gambling are authorized by state law.

 Mccord says the draft private management agreement is vague on what kinds of gambling expansion the operator would pursue and it could require approval from the Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board.

 Camelot Global Services is currently the lone bidder to manage the lottery.