News for 1-24-14

PSU football GPA

The Penn State football team not only performed well on the field this fall but also in the classroom. A total of 48 Nittany Lions earned a 3.0 GPA or higher, while 13 players earned deans list recognition which requires a 3.5 or higher. John Urschel Brandon Smith and Tyler Yazujian all earned a perfect 4.0

Trustees Bill

If a state legislator has his way, Penn State board of trustees will be reduced. Legislation was introduced by Senator John Yudichak on Thursday that would reduce the size of the board from 30 members to 23. Under Yudichak’s University Board of Trustees Reorganization Act, the board would consist of eight elected alumni members, five appointed by the governor, five chosen by the agriculture industry and five appointed as business and industry delegates. His proposal would not allow the governor, lieutenant governor or state row officers on the board. 


State police in Clearfield say a man is facing charges after leading them on a high speed chase. Kevin Bleir Jr. was stopped by police for several traffic violations on Wednesday night and allegedly sped off after being pulled over. Beish crashed his car a mile into the chase and then tried to run away but was found in a swamp area and was taken into custody. Along with the traffic violations, he faces charges for fleeing and eluding police.  

Booze Probe

Police want to know who supplied the alcohol to a party that was allegedly underway early Sunday morning when a 19 year old man fell from the balcony of a downtown State College apartment. According to the Centre Daily Times and a search warrant filed in the case, the young man, who was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries, told investigators he was drinking beer and vodka as well as using drugs on the balcony. Police are seeking evidence from the apartment and blood alcohol results from Mount Nittany Medical Center

Inn Pipe Damage

Frigid temperatures caused a pipe from a sprinkler system to rupture yesterday at the Mount Nittany Inn in Potter Township causing some flooding and damage to a dining room on the east side of the building. According to the Centre Daily Times, the problem occurred at 5am and neighbors called the fire company because the mixture of water and cold caused steam that looked like smoke. General Manager Rebecca Larsen also told the CDT that four other seating areas were not affected and allowed the building to remain open.


A woman was arrested on suspicion of DUI early Thursday morning when she was found driving without her vehicle headlights on. Police said she was driving on the 200 block of West College Avenue around 2:30am when she was arrested.