News for 3/28/13

Second Mile

 The sale of the Second Mile Building has been approved. Judge William Morgan gave the approval yesterday for the charity founded by Jerry Sandusky to sell the property on South Atherton Street to A.G.L. 2 Limited Partnership for $650,000.

The court order approving the sale requires proceeds from the sale to be held until all pending civil suits filed by Sandusky's victims against The Second Mile are resolved or until the court orders otherwise. Earlier this month, the charity’s lawyers sought court approval to transfer $200,000 and other assets to Arrow Child and Family Ministries, of Houston.


 State Treasurer Rob McCord announced in a press release yesterday that he is joining Senator Jake Corman in suing the NCAA to recover the first installment of 12 million dollars in penalties that Penn State Paid in wake of the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

 McCord cited that he has a responsibility to “safeguard the money for citizens of Pennsylvania who support Penn State with public dollars.” McCord also said that the behavior that led to the penalties “occurred in Pennsylvania, the victims were in Pennsylvania and therefore the funds should remain in the Commonwealth.”

 A state law put into effect earlier this year requires the money to be deposited into an endowment fund which McCord would be in charge of. The NCAA only wants a small portion of the fine to remain in PA


 An elderly man and woman were injured yesterday when their over turned on Houserville Road. According to the Centre Daily times, police responded at 2:18pm after the vehicle was negotiating a left turn near Old Mill Road, and went off the road into a yard.The cause of the accident was unknown and no other vehicles were involved.

Lion Shrine

 A popular tourist destination on campus is getting a makes-over. Construction crews are expected to begin work on the Nittany Lion Shrine on May 6, the Monday immediately following spring commencement ceremonies. Workers will improve both the land area around the Shrine and the lighting. The work is part of the universities class of 2012 senior gift, who voted to enhance the area surrounding the popular attraction. Access to the Shrine will be restricted, but is expected to be accessible to those who graduate in the summer. 

West Nile Virus

 The Department of Environmental Protection announced earlier this week that it is awarding 2 point 2 million dollars in West Nile Virus Control program grants to 26 counties, which are set to begin surveillance activities this spring. According to WTAJ-TV, Centre, Blair and Cambria Counties will take part in the State program this year.

 The DEP developed the funding proposals in consultation with county officials. Pennsylvania saw several cases of the virus last year.


 U.S. Senator Pat Toomey has cosponsored bipartisan legislation that would modernize financial privacy notifications that banks provide customers.

 The Legislation would require banks to alert customers when their privacy policies change and not flood families with annual private policy notices. With the legislation, an institution’s privacy policy would still be available to customers on their website at any time.