News for 6/7/13

Corbett Suit

 Comparing it to lobbing up a “Hail Mary Pass,” a Federal Judge dismissed Governor Corbett’s lawsuit against the NCAA yesterday. Though Judge Yvette Kane does believe the governor’s complaint raises serious questions about the indirect economic impact of the NCAA sanctions on innocent parties, it does not violate the antitrust act.   

 The governor was disappointed in the ruling believing it should have gotten “thorough consideration.” Corbett also said he will continue to analyze the ruling with his legal team and review potential options.

 Attorney Paul Kelly, who is representing Penn State faculty, trustees and former players in the Paterno suit against the NCAA issued a statement yesterday saying Kane’s decision “does not impact the Paterno lawsuit in any matter.”  

Corbett Poll

 A new Quinnipiac poll is showing an increase in support for Joe Paterno and an indication that the Penn State scandal will play a role in Governor Corbett’s bid for re-election in 2014.The poll released yesterday show that 47 percent of those surveyed have a favorable opinion of the late coach while 27 percent have an unfavorable opinion, up from a 43-29 margin in January.

 The poll also shows that 58% of those asked believe Governor Corbett did not do enough to investigate Jerry Sandusky. Forty seven percent of the voters also believe the Penn State scandal will play an important role in who they vote for in the race for governor next year.

Columbia Gas

 Columbia Gas has filed a civil lawsuit against the Borough of State College and Borough Manager Tom Fountaine in connection with the action taken by the borough’s decision in April to not approve the right of way permit for the installation of a natural gas pipeline through residential neighborhoods in State College.  

 In early May, Columbia Gas asked borough officials to rescind their denial of the permit and requested a process that would allow both parties to return to square one.In the suit filed, the utility company calls the boroughs decision to deny the permit “arbitrary, capricious, unreasonable and applicable against law.”

Transportation Bill

 The Pennsylvania Senate approved a comprehensive transportation bill on Wednesday that will provide additional funding to the state’s deteriorating transportation system, but the future of the proposal in the house remains unclear.

 Senator Jake Corman supported the bill. Corman believes that it is clear “that Pennsylvania’s transportation problems impact every resident in one form or another.” Corman also calls Transportation infrastructure a “core function of the government.”The proposed bill would increase the Commonwealth’s annual transportation by 2 and a half billion dollars and add an estimated 50,000 jobs. 

Pugh Street

 Beginning today, the Pugh Street Garage will be closed to all traffic for maintenance repairs. Repairs will continue until June 16. Monthly pass users may use the Beaver Avenue Garage. All other customer may either use the Beaver Avenue Garage or the Frazier Street Garage.


 The mother bear and her three cubs that were first spotted in the Park Forest area on Wednesday are still on the loose.The Patton Township Police Department said the bears were also spotted near Oakley Drive. Police are working with the Pennsylvania Game Commission in an attempt to relocate the bears.They remind residents to keep their distance and not approach the bears.