Blue/White Game Preview

By: Thomas Frank Carr



                Top 5 things we’re looking for from Blue/White game


1.       No Injuries

Reports are that Miles Deifenbach tore his ACL during spring practice. With a thin roster to begin with and depth issues at offensive line, the Nittany Lions need to come out of this game healthy.

2.       Offensive/Defensive Schemes

There have been vague hints of ‘pro-style’ and ‘multiple’ when the new Penn State coaching staff was asked about what schemes they will deploy next fall. While we definitely won’t see everything, it will be our first chance to get a taste of what type of systems James Franklin and his staff will implement.

3.       Players switching positions

So far there haven’t been any reports of any major changes for any starting players, but you never know during the Blue/White game who might line up where. How will Trevor Williams respond to his benching last year? Will Adrian Amos see more time at corner this coming year? We’ll get our first glimpse today.

4.       James Franklin

Over the past few months we’ve all become very aware of James Franklin. Anywhere that there as been a microphone or a gathering of more than 10 people he’s been there. But Penn State fans will get their first chance to see him coach a game live.

5.       Weather

The weather is supposed to be in the upper 60’s today with no clouds or rain in the forecast. Fan turnout should be great, as long as they don’t get stuck at their tailgates.