Stats That Matter: James Franklin

By: Thomas Frank Carr


It seems that Penn State can do no wrong in its coaching searches. The last time around they got Bill O’Brien, who became one of the hottest coaches in the country and got Penn State through the darkest time in its history. Now they’ve landed the proverbial big fish in the hiring of James Franklin.  Here are the Stats that Matter about James Franklin.


Franklin is one of the Nation’s hottest young coaches at a robust 41. His energy and enthusiasm fill a room. But there’s something more there, an earnestness to his words. It seems he genuinely wants you to know he’s telling you the truth. Just listening to him answer questions for an hour gives you a sense of why he’s considered one of the best recruiters in the country.


6 years 27 million dollars

That is the deal between Penn State and James Franklin. This deal does two things. Firstly it makes him the second highest paid coach in the Big 10 behind only Urban Meyer. Secondly it means that Franklin is here to stay for a while. Obviously things could change (and in a hurry) at any time, but for now Penn State fans can feel secure that their program will have stability for the foreseeable future.  


That was James Franklin’s win/los record at Vanderbilt. Let’s remember that Vanderbilt is in the SEC, the toughest division in college football. A doormat of a program throughout its history, Franklin turned the program around in his first season. He to back to back bowl games for the first time in school history. Before Franklin, Vanderbilt had been to four bowl games in 121 years. They went to three in his three seasons.

Bonus stats:

150+ media members and participants at Saturday’s press conference. That compared to the less than twenty at Bill O’Brien’s season ending press conference.*

278: The Number of text messages that Franklin says he’s gotten since the announcement of his hiring Saturday morning.  

* stat courtesy of Mike Poorman of