A Bags Life

Submitted Fri, 02/07/2014 - 12:12pm by Boss Frog

Reduce. Recycle. Reuse. 

A Bag’s Life is a public educational campaign that unites State College Area Schools around the common goal of promoting the three R’s as they relate to plastic bags and common films and wraps used in our everyday lives.

Every participating school that signs up will receive a collection box and poster and some other cool things. From 2/14 - 4/15 schools will collect plastic bags, film.. etc. The school collecting the most bags will be announced on Earth Day and win some great stuff for their school.

Click here and here for more details.

Learn how to sign up your school today by contacting Amy Schirf at the CCRRA at aschirf@centrecountyrecycles.org or by calling (814) 238-7005.

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