Scouting Report: A.J. McCarron

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst 

A.J. McCarron

Sr. QB Alabama

Height: 6’3”                             Weight: 220                               Hands: 10“                                     40 yard Dash: 4.94  



·         Prototype size for position

·         Throws a tight spiral

·         Overall solid footwork and fundamentals

·         Good pocket manipulation

·         Scrambles well, avoiding pressure

·         Decent ball fakes

·         Ran a pro-style system at Alabama



·         Doesn’t have arm to make all the throws in the NFL (Deep outs, vertcials)

·         Pats ball before throwing

·         Average Athlete  

·         Winds up to throw the ball

·         Makes bad decisions in the face of the blitz, fundamentals break down

·         Holds ball too loose when scrambling

·         Just kind of average


A.J. McCarron will make a solid backup in the NFL and could even start in the right system. However, he lacks the arm strength to play in the NFL and that is simply something you cannot overcome. His intelligence, leadership, and solid grasp of the position will make him very attractive in the later rounds but he has already maxed out his potential as a player.