Scouting Report: Blake Bortles

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst 

Blake Bortles


Height: 6’5”                             Weight: 232                                      Hands: 9 3/8”                            40 yard Dash: 4.93   



·         Big strong athlete with impressive size and  surprising game speed

·         Has shown the ability to throw from any platform and be accurate  

·         Above average arm strength

·         Great field awareness and vision, has a knack for finding players

·         Clutch player who elevates his game in big situations

·         Accurate passer who puts the ball where he wants it to go

·         Show the ability to throw with touch and with power

·         Feels the rush and keeps eyes downfield, climbs pocket well

·         Good scrambler, can keep a play alive

·         Very good leader who led his team to victores over Penn State and Louisville



·         Fundamentals break down under pressure

·         Tends to shy away from trash at his feet, doesn’t step into throws without a clean pocket

·         Floats deep balls

·         Doesn’t step through throws which limits accuracy and overall arm strength

·         Did not operate a pro-style offense in college

·         Snaps under center and play action fakes limited by offense

·         Hasn’t mastered minutia of position



Blake Bortles is the other side of the coin from Teddy Bridgewater. Bortles has all the talent you could want in a quarterback but he lacks the polish of Bridgewater. He is the prototype for the position and has deceptive speed for a man his size. Yet his fundamentals and footwork falter under pressure and he doesn’t step through his throws with consistency. This leads to accuracy problems and velocity on his throws. He also tends to throw off his back foot when pressured. Bortles also didn’t have the advantage of playing in a pro-style system in college. He hasn’t had the chance to develop a play action fake or take too many snaps under center. However, Brotles shines when the game is on the line. He consistently makes the play he needs to in order to put his team in a winning position. He displays a creative ability on the field as well, making something out of nothing. There is also a bit of a gunslinger in Bortles. He can throw receivers open and isn’t afraid to throw into a tight window or into traffic. Is mentally tough enough to shrug off mistakes and come back and perform later in the game (See bowl game vs Baylor). Bortles has all the markers of a franchise QB but needs time to develop and work on his fundamentals.