Scouting Report: Bradley Robey

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

 Bradley Robey  

R-Jr. CB Ohio State   

Height: 5’11 ¼”                          Weight: 194                                  Arm length: 31 ½”                 40 yard Dash: 4.39

Broad Jump: 124 in                  3 Cone: DNP                        Vertical jump: 38.5 in        20 yard Shuttle: 4.04 sec   


·         Blazing speed, can stay with just about anyone

·         Quick twitch athlete who shows good burst and acceleration

·         Good closing/makeup speed

·         Loose hips and ankles

·         Outstanding leaping ability

·         Can mirror at the line and stay with receivers

·         Good strength and physicality plays bigger than size

·         Will deliver a shot, willing run defender



·         Short arms, size is just okay by NFL standards

·         Huge questions about work ethic

·         Junior tape is garbage compared to the year before

·         Will whiff on some tackles by going for a big shot instead of wrapping up

·         Has mental lapses and sluffs on plays

·         Technique and fundamentals fell apart last year


Any team that picks Bradley Robey in the first round will have to reconcile Bradley Robey from his sophomore year and from his junior year. He was a sure-fire first round pick his sophomore year who dominated and showed all the characteristics of an elite corner. This past year, his play really fell off. His technique was sloppy, his overall effort was poor and he lost battles to receivers he had no business losing battles to. His physical talent is undeniable and athletically he’s got almost everything you want in a corner. A team with a strong leadership group and veterans to teach him what it means to be a pro will benefit the most from Robey. Definitely has bust potential but talent is undeniable. We’ve seen him do it before, he just needs to do it all the time.