Scouting Report: Brandin Cooks

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

Brandin Cooks  

Sr. WR Oregon State

Height: 5’9 ¾”                            Weight: 189                Arm length: 30 ¾”                          40 yard Dash: 4.33

Broad Jump: 120                       3 Cone: 6.76             Vertical jump: 36 in                      20 yard Shuttle: 3.81 sec    



·         Explosive change of direction

·         Incredibly fast receiver

·         Can go up and get the ball despite the height

·         Catches the ball away from his body, very good hands

·         Shows good body control

·         Sinks hips and explodes out of his break

·         Lined up inside and out in offense

·         Great at creating after the catch

·         Good on screens and end arounds

·         Elusive at the line of scrimmage



·         He’s listed at 5’10” and that’s generous

·         Can be knocked off his route

·         Can improve his route running

·         Small hands

·         Bigger corners can dominate him at the line of scrimmage



An electric receiver who will be a great slot receiver in the NFL. He has great hands, sound fundamentals and game changing ability after the catch. More physical corners can jam him and knock him off his route but at Oregon State he was the top focus of the defense. He will likely be a slot receiver in the NFL and face a team’s third best corner. He can improve on his route running but it is solid as it is. Good value pick on day two.