Scouting Report: Carlos Hyde

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

 Carlos Hyde

RB. R-Sr Ohio State

Height: 6’0”                                Weight: 230                          Arm length: 32”                       40 yard Dash: 4.60

Broad Jump: 114 in                  Bench: 19 reps                    Vertical jump: 34.5 in            20 yard Shuttle: DNP     



·         NFL Body, ready-made power back

·         Can put his foot in the ground and explode up field

·         Fluid hips and good balance

·         Quick feet for size

·         North South runner, makes decisive moves

·         Keeps feet moving at first contact, strong at first contact

·         Always falling forward, runs behind pads

·         Decent in pass pro

·         Decent hands

·         Has been used as a lead blocker



·         Lacks speed. Slightly below average

·         Poor agility, does not have explosive COD

·         Acceleration is only average

·         Possesses few moves, would rather run over everyone, not elusive

·         No wow factor to game



Carlos Hyde a power back, pure and simple. In terms of transition to the next level, he has the most translatable game of this class. He’s a very patient runner who follows his blocks and makes decisive cuts. He has loose hips for a man his size and he can sometimes surprise you with some nifty moves. However he has only marginal speed, agility and acceleration. His upside is in a power scheme behind a talented offensive line who will open up holes for him. Hyde can’t really create for himself and will rely on those around him to contribute.