Scouting Report: Cyril Richardson

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

Cyril Richardson

OG r-Sr. Baylor

Height: 6’4 ¾”                             Weight: 329                         Arm length: 34 5/8”                 40 yard Dash: 5.36

Broad Jump: 91 in                    Bench: 25 reps                    Vertical jump: 25.5 in            20 yard Shuttle: 4.83      



·         Great size and strength. Plays stronger than he measures

·         Long arms

·         Can bury a defender when he gets his hands on him

·         Walls of defenders well in pass pro

·         Locks out defender

·         Effective pass protector, patient, with good technique

·         Can anchor versus anyone, very strong

·         Sinks hips and has a very good base



·         His size limits his athleticism

·         Stiff hips and ankles

·         Lateral agility isn’t great

·         Has a big wasty body, conditioning in question

·         Leans and lurches in running game

·         Baylor offense doesn’t translate to NFL

·         Run blocks upright, doesn’t keep his pads low or play behind them

·         Doesn’t sustain or continue blocks in running game


Cyril Richardson is a bit of an oddity. He’s a power running guard in an ultra-spread offense. He’s got immense size and very good lower body strength. He’s not a great athlete and some scouts question his conditioning and overall body composition. All of that considered, he’s a very good pass protector. He plays with very good technique, he anchors well and he keeps his base. What he lacks is a killer instinct or any kind of power in the running game. A man his size should dominate the defender across from him. But given Baylor’s system he doesn’t have much exposure to power running. He’s a finesse big man. He’ll find a place at the next level and will probably be over drafted due to his size.