Scouting Report: David Yankey

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

David Yankey

OG r-Jr. Stanford

Height: 6’5 5/8”                          Weight: 315                         Arm length: 34”                        40 yard Dash: 5.48

Broad Jump: 103 in                  Bench: 22 reps                    Vertical jump: 28.5 in            20 yard Shuttle: 4.86      



·         Elite NFL size with good frame

·         Fires off with good explosion

·         Aggressive player who lays into defender and delivers a punch

·         Mauler who can walk his man back and widen the hole

·         Adept at pulling, converts speed to power

·         Effective pass blocker

·         Good field awareness, knows what to do on every play 



·         Does not have elite athleticism

·         Strength isn’t elite

·         Stiff hips, more of a straight ahead runner

·         Plays too aggressive, lunges and gets off balance

·         Loses his base

·         Doesn’t move well in space, more of a phone booth player

·         Needs to work on hand placement (over aggressive and throws hands)

·         Needs to sustain blocks

·         Plays too upright, needs to play behind pads


David Yankey is a throwback player who would has the feel of a Pittsburgh Steelers interior lineman. He’s got very good short area quickness, and plays with tenacity and nasty streak. He’s got a big frame that NFL teams love. What he lacks is elite athleticism. He will struggle versus quick defenders or elite tackles at the next level. What he lacks in talent, he makes up for in smarts, aggression and technique. He will need to play more under control in the future. His biggest strength is also his weakness. He tends to lunge at defenders, lose his base, and use poor hand placement due to his aggressive playing style. There is a place in the NFL for David Yankey. He will be a dependable starter at the next level but he will never be elite.