Scouting Report: Derek Carr

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst 

Derek Carr

Sr. QB Fresno St.

Height: 6’2”                             Weight: 215                                      Hands: 9 1/8”                            40 yard Dash: 4.69   



·         Strong, NFL caliber arm

·         Athletic QB who also times fast

·         Quick release and compact throwing motion  Smooth delivery of the ball

·         Show the ability to throw the fast-ball and throw with touch

·         Good anticipation, throws receivers open

·         Very fundamentally sound footwork with clean pocket

·         Very accurate

·         Mature leader who loves the game

·         Smart QB who makes all the calls at the line

·         Mastered the minutia of the position, can manipulate a defense with eyes

·         Good feel for the pocket, can climb and deliver

·         Good scrambler, can keep a play alive

·         Good decision maker, quickly diagnoses where to go with the ball.



·         Not the prototype for the position; lacks bulk and strength

·         Small hands

·         Didn’t run a pro-style system, numbers inflated

·         Gets rattled by pressure and loses fundamentals

·         Snaps under center and play action fakes limited by offense

·         Forces passes and can try to do too much at times


Carr is quietly one of the best quarterbacks in this year’s draft. As you can see above, his positive attributes vastly outweigh his shortcomings. He isn’t the ideal height/weight/speed guy but he’s got a strong arm and can throw from any platform or from any position. That being said he could stand to put on 10 or pounds to fill out his frame. Carr has two negatives working against him right now. The first is his level of competition in college. Playing in the Mountain West doesn’t generate a lot of competition. The second is the specter of his older brother’s career as a failed former No. 1 overall draft pick. The latter is an invalid concern but with public perception at least, it will linger until he proves himself in the NFL.   Carr can be a solid NFL starter but his ability to progress as a decision maker will determine whether he is a pro bowl player or an average starter.