Scouting Report: Eric Ebron

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

 Eric Ebron

TE. Jr North Carolina

Height: 6’4 3/8”                         Weight: 250                          Arm length: 33 ¼”                         40 yard Dash: 4.60

Broad Jump: 120 in                  Bench: 24 reps                    Vertical jump: 32 in            20 yard Shuttle: DNP         



·         Sturdy build with good speed and athleticism

·         Has room to grow and get stronger

·         Very natural pass catcher, makes incredible catches

·         Uses veteran moves in route running

·         Savvy route runner

·         Makes tough catches in traffic

·         Great body control

·         Can find the soft spot in the zone

·         Flashes pop un the running game

·         Displays proper blocking technique

·         Can turn his hips and reach block smaller defenders

·         Can high point the ball, uses frame to block defender

·         Beats press at LoS




·         Not an overpowering blocker, will get beaten by DE’s and big OLB’s

·         Tends to alligator arm some catches over the middle if he hears footsteps

·         Not consistent with technique. Will lunge and defenders in open space

·         Needs to be more physical blocking own the line

·         Concentration drops from time to time

·         Gets his hands outside the shoulder pads when blocking

·         Leaping ability is good but not elite



Eric Ebron is an exciting prospect at the tight end position. He routinely makes circus catches look easy and has enough athleticism to be a matchup nightmare in the NFL. He’s not Vernon Davis in terms of elite explosion and speed but he is a mismatch versus linebackers and slower safeties. Ebron’s not a finished product by any means. He shies away from contact and alligator arms over the middle. He isn’t a great blocker at this point but he shows effort and flashes proper technique. But his athleticism and natural hands cannot be denied. Given time and proper coaching he can be a true, all-around, elite tight end in the NFL worthy of a top 10 pick.