Scouting Report: Jace Amaro

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

Jace Amaro

TE. Jr Texas Tech

Height: 6’ ½”                              Weight: 265                          Arm length: 34”           40 yard Dash: 4.74

Broad Jump: 118 in                  Bench: 28 reps                    Vertical jump: 33 in            20 yard Shuttle: 4.30         



·         Elite Size and frame. Long arms

·         Moves well for his size, natural runner

·         Uses double moves and fakes on routes

·         Finds the soft spot in the zone

·         Good hands, catches away from his body

·         Can absorb hits over the middle, tough

·         Can’t be brought down by one defender

·         Dominates a defensive back when he gets his hands on them

·         Better game speed than timed speed


·         Does not have elite speed, not a lot of explosion to his game

·         Runs upright and his hips are a bit stiff

·         Could stand to refine route running

·         Very raw as a blocker

·         Rarely lines up on with his hand in the dirt

·         Doesn’t sink hips, and explode out of break

·         Route work needs refinement

·         Doesn’t dominate as a blocker, finess

·         Has concentration drops from time to time

·         Lunges at defenders instead of coming with proper technique



Jace Amaro is essentially a big slot receiver. He rarely lined up on the line of scrimmage at Texas Tech, he is a poor blocker, and he’s very one-dimensional at this point. His true value lies in being a mismatch in the passing game. While not an elite athlete, he moves well for a man his size and has solid hands and straight-line speed. He is hard to bring down once the ball is in his hands and has the potential to dominate a game if he has a favorable matchup. He is a one year wonder in a system friendly scheme that inflated his numbers. To be an all-around tight end he needs to vastly improve his blocking and his route running. He’s not athletic enough to survive as just a receiver at the next level. Amaro has a high ceiling but has a long way to gom. In the right system, he could flourish at the next level.