Scouting Report: Jalen Saunders

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst 

Jalen Saunders

Sr. WR Oklahoma

Height: 5’9”                                Weight: 163                  Arm length: 30”                           40 yard Dash: 4.44

Broad Jump: 122 in                  3 Cone: DNP                Vertical jump: 34                     20 yard Shuttle: DNP             



·         Decent NFL Speed

·         Suddenness to his game, good explosion out of his break

·         Acceleration is excellent

·         Uses stutter step effectively in route running

·         Sinks hips and cuts well at top of his route

·         Good route runner



·         Not big enough by far, huge injury concern

·         Can be knocked off his route easily

·         Will get jammed at the LOS if corner gets his hands on him

·         Doesn’t have elite speed to make up for size

·         Can’t block

·         3rd option on a spread-option team as a Sr

·         Decisions on punt return are suspect

·         Body catcher, needs to improve his hands


Jalen Saunders is a quick-twitch slot receiver with very little bulk to him. Even the smallest players in the NFL (Jackson, Sproles) have thick lower bodies and are well muscled. Saunders might have a hard time finding a role in the NFL due to small stature and lack of strength. He also needs to improve his catching and can continue to work on his route running. A team taking a flyer on a punt returner late in the draft might consider Saunders.