Scouting Report: Jason Verrett

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst 

Jason Verrett

Sr. CB TCU     

Height: 5’9 ½”                    Weight: 189                        Arm length: 30 5/8”                40 yard Dash: 4.38

Broad Jump: 128 in          3 Cone: 6.69               Vertical jump: 39 in                  20 yard Shuttle: 4.00 sec             


·         Incredibly fast, fluid athlete, very fluid hips  

·         Quick twitch ability is off the charts

·         Explosive player who really jumps off the tape

·         Lateral agility and closing speed are impressive

·         Great vertical

·         Very good ball skills, disrupts catches without interfering

·         Shadows defenders very well and stays in their hip pockets

·         Show good effort in the running game

·         Plays with urgency and aggression

·         Very good cover man corner

·         Good instincts for the position



·         Height isn’t great but weight and frame are the real issue, very small

·         Not a great tackler despite effort given

·         Lacks strength, can’t jam or redirect receiver

·         Confidence issues early in college career

·         Short arms

·         Ankle biter of a tackler

·         Injury concerns


Jason Verrett is a very fun player to watch. He’s super explosive and plays with his hair on fire. He’s got great ball skills and makes some ‘wow’ type pass breakups. He really pops when you watch him. In the passing game he plays bigger than he is. He’s got a great jumping ability and great body control. His closing speed and acceleration are impressive as well. The problem is that he’s very small and has a thin lower body. He won’t be able to match up versus No. 1 receivers who have a significant height and weight advantage on him. He also can’t jam too many receivers with his poor playing strength. He’s not a great tackler either. He dives at player’s legs instead of using proper tackling form. Many small corners have found success at the next level. Verrett will be very productive. The bottom line is that he can play.