Scouting Report: Jimmy Garoppolo

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

Jimmy Garoppolo

Jr. QB Eastern Illinois

Height: 6’2”                             Weight: 226                               Hands: 9 ¼ “                                  40 yard Dash: 4.97  



·         Lightning fast release and fluid throwing motion. No wasted time.

·         Throws a tight spiral

·         Good footwork when pocket is clean

·         Good at selling screens and ball fakes

·         Knows when to go down

·         Athletic in the pocket

·         Resets his feet to throw

·         Makes quick decisions



·         Slightly undersized but not horribly so

·         Small hands

·         Arm strength is acceptable but not strong

·         Easily rattled by pressure, once he does, fundamentals break down

·         Tends to throw off his back foot, limiting his accuracy and arm strength

·         Makes bad decisions in the face of blitz

·         Won’t get away with throws he makes at the next level

·         More quick than fast

·         Ran spread offense in college; will have to learn minutia of position

·         Doesn’t look receivers off or throw them open

·         Once he’s rattled, he has a hard time recovering


Garoppolo is a developmental prospect from a small school who will need a good teacher at the next level to help continue his development.  His best asset is his lightning fast release.  His throwing motion has no wasted movement and with a snap of the wrist he ball leaps off his hand. He does have good technique when the pocket is clean in front of him but as soon as he feels pressure his fundamentals break down and his accuracy suffers.  Also, once he’s rattled he has a hard time recovering his composure. He rushes his throws, throws of his back foot and makes poor decisions in the face of the blitz. There is a lot to like about Garoppolo. His release is something you can’t teach and his footwork is encouraging.  If he can improve his play under pressure he could be a starter in the NFL but he will need time to develop.