Scouting Report: Lache Seastrunk

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

 Lache Seastrunk

RB. R-Jr. Baylor

Height: 5’9”                                Weight: 201                          Arm length: 31”                       40 yard Dash: 4.51

Broad Jump: 134 in                  Bench: 15                              Vertical jump: 41.5 in            20 yard Shuttle: DNP     



·         Good speed augmented by unbelievable lateral agility

·         Explosive CoD and acceleration leap off the film

·         Runs with great body control

·         Vision and feel for running lanes are solid

·         Finds the cutback lanes and explodes through the line

·         Can create for himself

·         Fluid hips and great feet, runs like he’s on a swivel

·         Follows blocks well



·         Does not have elite speed

·         Small runner who runs small

·         Doesn’t have frame or bulk to stand up to NFL punishment as lead back

·         More about preservation than moving the pile. Doesn’t square his shoulders

·         Dances too much, somewhat indecisive

·         Bounces too many runs and tries to make everyone a home run

·         Doesn’t break tackles, can be pulled down by arm tackles

·         Doesn’t usually fall forward, runs upright


Lache Seastrunk is an incredibly electric player who has moves for days. His lateral agility and acceleration leap off the film. He can get to max speed in the matter of a few yards. Seastrunk has great vision, and doesn’t take a beating from the defense. The problem is that he’s small and plays even smaller. He doesn’t bury his head and run between the tackles. He doesn’t have the power or the top end speed to round out his game. He’s best in the open field where he can make defenders look foolish. Seastrunk will be a great rotational back at the next level. If he goes to a team with a creative head coach who can get him in space and utilize his special skill sets, he will have a great career. But he will never be a lead back.