Scouting Report: Mike Evans

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

 Mike Evans

r-So. WR Texas A&M




Height: 6’5”                                Weight: 231                Arm length: 35 ¾ ”                         40 yard Dash: 4.53

Bench Reps: 12                       3 Cone: 7.06 sec          Vertical jump: 37 in                  20 yard Shuttle: 4.26 sec      



·         Giant Receiver, towers over everyone, very long arms.

·         Vertical leap is fantastic

·         Is still a fluid athlete even at his size.

·         Long striding receiver with good straight-line speed.

·         Good at beating press

·         High points the ball with the best of them

·         Makes a living out of the contested catch

·         Has the ability to destroy a corner when run blocking



·         Doesn’t have elite speed, will get stuck to corners in the NFL

·         Stiff hips and lacks any suddenness in his game

·         Runs at only one speed

·         Poor route runner who doesn’t do any of the little things well

·         Runs high, exposes himself to punishment

·         Immature player who lets DB get into his head

·         Limited route tree at A&M

·         Doesn’t get cleanly in and out of breaks

·         Looks lost going over the middle, seems uninterested

·         Relies on his size instead of technique

·         Pushes off quite a bit


Most analysts have Mike Evans as the second best wide receiver in this draft. It’s not that simple however. Mike Evans is an amazing athlete. But he’s not a good receiver. You need more than size and speed to be good in the NFL (ask Heyward-Bey). It’s the little things that make good receivers great at the next level. Mike Evans does virtually none of them right now. His route running is poor, he doesn’t get in and out of his breaks cleanly, he runs high and he doesn’t go over the middle. He should dominate corners in the running game but he only gives effort when the corner gets him upset.  He is a hot-headed player who will take silly, selfish penalties (bowl game vs Duke)  and seems to be a ‘stat’ guy. Physically he’s a top 10 talent. He’s tall, has a great vertical leap, long arms and has adequate speed. Also, in his defense, his coaches never really asked him to go over the middle too often. He played modified street ball with Manziel and will be able create after the play breaks down at the next level. But to be truly great, Evans has a long way to go. Buyer beware.