Scouting Report: Seantrel Henderson

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

 Seantrel Henderson

OT Sr. Miami

Height: 6’7”                                Weight: 331                          Arm length: 34 5/8”                  40 yard Dash: 5.14

Broad Jump: 95                         Bench: DNP                          Vertical jump: 24 in            20 yard Shuttle: 4.77         



·         Best combination of size, speed and agility in this draft at the tackle pos.

·         Quick feet and good hips

·         Can mirror defender and anchor in pass pro

·         Sinks hips and doesn’t bend at the waist

·         Reaches and seals, will widen the hole in running game

·         Can lock out a defender and dominate him

·         Flashes strength to be a mauler



·         Character issues, was suspended from team multiple times

·         Does not play with any consistency in his effort

·         Maturity issues

·         Technique is inconsistent

·         Will bend at the waist from time to time

·         Does not play up to massive size, should be stronger than he plays

·         Lets defenders into his chest

·         Fires out of his stance to high

·         Doesn’t play with aggression, passive player


Seantrel Henderson should be one of the top picks in this year’s NFL Draft. Henderson has the rare physical talent and the body control to be a top five talent.  However multiple suspensions at Miami (at least three) for violating team rules, have pushed Henderson down most boards and off some. Henderson admitted at the Senior Bowl that his suspensions were marijuana related. On the field Henderson lacks focus, determination and finish.   Some team will take a chance on Henderson. That team will need to have a strong system in place and a strong leader for him to learn from. If some team can maximize his potential, Henderson is a perennial pro-bowler. If not, he won’t amount to much.