Scouting Report: Teddy Bridgewater

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst

Teddy Bridgewater

Jr. QB Louisville

Height: 6’2”                                               Weight: 214                                                       Hands: 9 ¼”                               40 yard Dash: DNP 



·         Ran a Pro-Style System at Louisville; comfortable under center

·         Multiple formation offense with complexity

·         Smart QB who was given command of offense

·         Compact release and a fast wrist snap delivery

·         Little wasted motion in his arm movement

·         Footwork is outstanding; even under pressure

·         Very accurate passer, even under pressure

·         Can throw from multiple platforms in and out of the pocket

·         Show the ability to throw with touch and with power

·         Feels the rush and keeps eyes downfield, climbs pocket well

·         Manipulates safeties with eyes

·         Good scrambler, athletic QB with good foot speed



·         Small frame that doesn’t look like it has ability to develop more muscle

·         Every throw looks like the hardest throw he’s thrown; not a strong arm

·         Sometimes looks like he’s rushing is footwork

·         Small lower body that doesn’t generate power in throws

·         Lacks ideal height for position

·         Durabilty concerns 


Bridgewater has the ability, smarts and polish to be an NFL starter. What he lacks is the raw physical ability to be considered a franchise quarterback.  His slight frame, thing legs and average NFL arm will limit his ability on the field and the areas of the country in which he can play. He doesn’t have the hand size to hold onto the ball or the strength in his arm to play in inclement weather. However Bridgewater is an incredibly savvy and intelligent quarterback who is the most NFL ready of any signal caller in this draft. His work ethic, intelligence, and competitive spirit have elevated his game but he has likely already maximized his talent as a quarterback.