Scouting Report: Troy Niklas

Thomas Frank Carr

ESPN Radio 1450 Draft Analyst 

Troy Niklas

TE. Jr Notre Dame

Height: 6’6”                                Weight: 270                          Arm length: 34 ¼”                      40 yard Dash: DNP

Broad Jump: 114 in                  Bench: 27 reps                    Vertical jump: 32 in            20 yard Shuttle: 4.55         



·         Elite Size and frame. Long arms

·         Sound athletic ability for height and weight

·         Shows flexibility and good hip movement

·         Solid hands, very reliable pass catcher

·         Good technique as a blocker

·         Can anchor

·         Kick slide is fluid and quick

·         Extends arms and locks out defender

·         Can take on DE’s in running game

·         Plays with good balance

·         Can line up on the end of the line or flexed

·         Flashes the ability to dominate  defenders



·         Leans into blocks

·         Can improve his field vision and ability after the catch

·         Doesn’t possess elite top end speed

·         Doesn’t play as strong as he is

·         Plays with too much finesse

·         Route running needs work

·         Hasn’t learned how to use his body to shield defender from ball

·         Needs to create more separation with better cuts in route running



Troy Niklas is an incredibly intriguing prospect with elite size and strength at the tight end position. Niklas is the nephew of Hall of Famer Bruce Matthews.  He moves incredibly well for a man of his size and bulk and his hands are very solid for a player who was an outside linebacker two years ago. He lacks elite speed and he doesn’t always play with the aggressiveness you would like out of a blocker. With some work, and twenty extra pounds, Niklas could play tackle. But he's best suited where his athletic ability and hand won't go to waste. He could be the complete package with some work. Once Niklas realizes his potential he will be a matchup nightmare in the NFL.