Stats That Matter: Lady Lions vs Purdue

By: Thomas Frank Carr 


     It was a great game between the 15th ranked Lady Lions and the 20th ranked Purdue Boilermakers Sunday at the Bryce Jordan Center. Purdue may have been the underdog on paper coming into the game, but they never backed down from the bigger, stronger, Nittany Lions. On the flip side, the Lady Lions feel like they let the game Sunday get away from them. You could see it written in their body language after the game that they expected to win and they were disgusted that they didn’t. Here are the reasons why in this week’s edition of Stats That Matter.


Stat 1: 8 Fouls

     The Lady Lions committed eight fouls in the first ten minutes of the game versus Purdue. After coming out and shooting well for the first five or so minutes, the fouls and mental mistakes killed Penn State’s rhythm.  From there Purdue carried the momentum that put them ahead for the rest of the game. The Layd Lions ended the first half with 13 fouls compared to Purdue’s seven. Dara Tayler continues to play hot and cold. She started out scoring seven of the first nine points of the game for the Lady Lions but also had two quick fouls that sent her to the bench.

     The Lady Lions had 23 personal fouls versus Purdue. That is simply too many. Yes, some of that is on the referees and the new rules, but you have to adjust. Because of that, Purdue shot 28 free throws and connected on 24 of them. They simply took advantage of the free points.

Stat 2: 60%

     Courtney Moses shot 6 of 10 from three point on Sunday. She was deadly against man or zone scheme. You have to give the senior guard and her squad credit. They were the underdogs in a hostile, loud arena and they never backed down. Moses was perfect from the free throw line and shot 7-16 from the field. She simply stole the show with 25 points.


Stat 3: 49 rebounds

     That is the number of rebounds Purdue corralled Sunday afternoon. Penn State should never be out-rebounded, or at least it should be rare. They are too physically dominant and too deep at the post positions for it to happen. Even though they did snag two more rebounds than Purdue, it felt like the balance was tipped in favor of the Boilermakers. Part of the problem on the defensive glass is that the Lady Lions were playing a lot of zone in the second half. That leaves space down low for offensive players to crash the glass. That is exactly what Purdue did. They fought harder for the ball Sunday.


Bonus Stat: Bench points; Purdue - 27- Penn State – 15

     You would think with all of the talent and depth, it would be Penn State that would have the stronger bench. But Purdue had nearly double the production from their non-starters that Penn State got. It’s still early in the Big 10 season but The Lady Lions will need more from their young players if they want to go far this year.



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