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Penn State Athetlic Director Dave Joyner talks to Cory before the Lezzer Lumber Classic.

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Cory Giger brings Mark Brennan to the show! 11/1/2013's Mark Brennan joined Cory and Derrick today. Hear some great conversation regarding everything from the Ohio State game to opinions on noon kickoffs!

Steve Sampsell talks football with Cory 11/1/2013

TV and Sports Media Critic, Steve Sampsell, joins Cory today.  Right before the conversation they got word that Bill O'Brien showed up to practice dressed as the Nittany Lion for Halloween...

Derrick Williams and Cory Giger talk PSU vs. OSU 11/1/2013

Since Derrick was unable to talk Monday, Cory wanted to hear his opinion on the loss to Ohio State.  He talks about how it feels being a Nittany Lion on the field and seeing a score like...

New Penn State Softball Coach, Amanda Lehotak, talks with Cory! 11/1/2013

Penn State softball coach, Amanda Lehotak, joined Cory today to talk about everything Penn State!  She took the job as head coach just three months ago and immediately began motivating and...

Cory Giger welcomes Howard Griffith 11/1/2013

BIG TEN NETWORK Sports Analyst, Howard Griffith joined Cory to talk about the upcoming Illinois vs. Penn State Game.  See what they had to say regarding Illinois previous games this season,...