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Tony DeFazio joins Brian Tripp to discuss the Penguins' recent skid, the Pirates' trade of Travis Snider, and the start of Pat Narduzzi's tenure at Pitt

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Bill King - Sirius/XM Radio 10/28/2013

Radio host Bill King joins Steve and Brian to talk about the highs and lows of the BCS system and the passion of the college football fan.

Grant Warming - Penn State Men's Soccer 10/28/2013

Senior Grant Warming of the Penn State men's soccer team joins Steve and Brian to talk about winning the Big Ten regular season championship in back to back years.

Greg Pickel - Fight On State 10/28/2013

Reporter Greg Pickel joins Steve and Brian to talk Penn State's recruiting options for the future.

Jim Lachey - Ohio State Football Analyst 10/25/2013

Jim Lachey and Steve discuss Saturday's matchup in Columbus. 

Mike MacGregor - Fantasy Throwdown 10/24/2013

Steve and Brian get the latest Fantasy Football advice!