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Tony DeFazio joins Brian Tripp to discuss the Penguins' recent skid, the Pirates' trade of Travis Snider, and the start of Pat Narduzzi's tenure at Pitt

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Adam Rittenberg - ESPN 10/3/2014

Adam joins Steve to talk about various college football topics. 

Tom Dienhart - Big Ten Network 10/3/2014

Tom joins Steve to talk about the state of the Big Ten and more.

Ken Hickman - PSU All Sports Museum 10/3/2014

Ken joins Steve to talk about upcoming museum events.

Denise St. Pierre - Head Coach PSU Women's Golf 10/2/2014

Denise sits down with Steve Jones while they discuss Penn State Women's golf.

Tony Mancuso - 10/2/2014

Steve and Tony talk Penn State sports and more!