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Tony DeFazio joins Brian Tripp to discuss the Penguins' recent skid, the Pirates' trade of Travis Snider, and the start of Pat Narduzzi's tenure at Pitt

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Tony DeFazio - Pittsburgh Sports Report 1/9/2015

Tony and Steve recap the current state of Pittsburgh sports. 

Charlie Campbell - 1/9/2015

Superb draft analyst Charlie Campbell (@DraftCampbell) joins Steve to discuss QB prospects for the 2015 NFL Draft. 

Penn State Baseball Head Coach Rob Cooper 1/9/2015

Cooper and Steve Jones discuss the upcoming First Pitch Banquet and the quickly approaching 2015 season. 

Greg Pickel - Fight On State 1/8/2015

Greg and Steve recap Bob Shoop's coaching announcement and talk recruiting. 

Jack Ham Joins Steve Jones 1/7/2015

Steve gets a final surprise from his football broadcast partner!