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Tony DeFazio joins Brian Tripp to discuss the Penguins' recent skid, the Pirates' trade of Travis Snider, and the start of Pat Narduzzi's tenure at Pitt

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Steve Jones with Tim Frazier 1/30/2014

Steve talks with Penn State PG Tim Frazier following their 71-70 overtime win over Ohio State

Steve Jones joins from Super Bowl Media Day 1/28/2014

Steve joins Tripp on the air from New York as he covers Super Bowl Media Day

Steve Jones with Charles Huff 1/28/2014

Steve speaks with new PSU Special Teams Coordinator Charles Huff

Steve Jones with John Donovan 1/28/2014

Steve Jones talks with new PSU Football Offensive Coordinator John Donovan

Steve Jones with Bob Shoop 1/28/2014

Steve talks with New PSU Defensive Coordinator Bob Shoop