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Loren Crispell joins Sports Talk with Steve Jones talking PSU Football and the Croke Park Classic

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Jay Hosack- Assistant Coach Penn State Men's Volleyball 10/11/2013

Jay Hosack and Taylor Hammond of Penn State Men's Soccer join Steve and Brian to discuss the latest with the volleyball team.

Ann Cook- Associate Head Coach of Penn State Women's Soccer Team 10/11/2013

Ann Cook and junior midfielder, Kindrah Kohne, joins Briann Tripp to discuss their current season. 

Mike Poorman- 10/11/2013

Steve Jones and Brian Tripp are joined by Mike Poorman of to discuss some of his work. They also talk about his expectations for Saturdays match up against Michigan. 

Matt Millen- ESPN Analyst 10/11/2013

ESPN's Matt Millen joined Steve Jones and Brian Tripp to discuss his impressions and thoughts of Penn State and Michigan, who will be competeing against one another at Beaver Stadium tomorrow for...

John Bacon- Author of "Fourth and Long" 10/11/2013

John Bacon joins Steve and Brian at the Tavern to discuss his decision making process when writing his latest book. He also talks about football "culture," and what it means to him.