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Tony DeFazio joins Brian Tripp to discuss the Penguins' recent skid, the Pirates' trade of Travis Snider, and the start of Pat Narduzzi's tenure at Pitt

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John Bacon- Author of "Fourth and Long" 11/22/2013

John Bacon joins Steve and Brian at the Tavern.

Charlie Weston - WFBG in Altoona 11/21/2013

Charlie Weston joined Steve and Brian to talk about a wide variety of topics in the world of sports, including the Jameis Winston situation.

Lindsay Schnell - Grantland/The Oregonian 11/21/2013

The day her Grantland piece "Bringing Happiness Back to Happy Valley" was published, Lindsay Schnell joined "Sports Talk" to discuss the story behind Penn...

Greg Pickel - Fight On State 11/21/2013

Greg joined "Sports Talk" to discuss Penn State Football's final regular season home game of the season against Nebraska on Saturday and some recruiting news surrounding the team.

Cory Giger - Altoona Mirror / ESPN Radio 11/21/2013

"Sports Central" host Cory Giger joined the show to talk about everything from the developing Jameis Winston situation, the news surrounding Alex Rodriguez and the Penn State Men's Basketball...